Top 5 Massage Chairs for Small Space

After years of service, my old massage chair broke down, and I had to replace it to continue enjoying long, luxurious massages at home. So I said, what the heck? Let’s order 15 smaller massage chairs and see which ones are the best? Me and my Furniture Testers team tried out all the various features and then voted on the best chairs out of the bunch. Overall, the following 5 massage chairs turned out to be the best!

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iRest SL Track Reclining Massage Chair


The chair ships semi-assembled, so you need to fix the footrest to the rest of the chair, a relatively minor fix. I did it in less than twenty minutes and didn’t need any special tools. A screwdriver is all you need, and the chair is ready to go.

Once the massage chair was fully assembled, I was blown away by its small, compact design. The sofa-style design complements sitting room décor while giving it a commanding presence. It’s an ideal centerpiece – beautiful yet functional.

Space-saving Design

The iRest boasts a unique futuristic design, but I was more impressed by its compact size. The chair is just shy of 30 inches in width, stands about 47 inches high, and is about 51 inches long. In a full reclining position, the iRest takes up a measly 67 inches of space. You don’t need acres of space to enjoy a personalized massage at home.

Personalized Massage Experience

The iRest massage chair comes with an inbuilt remote for quick ease of access. The massager reclines gently and triggers the automatic body scanning system to take your body measurements on switching it on.

The system detects and maps your body type, weight, height, and spine curvature to customize your massage experience. I couldn’t have been more thrilled because the resultant massage was precise and hit all the sore parts of my back. It was as if I had a professional masseuse working on my entire posterior chain.

Human-like Touch

The double SL track mirrors the shape of your spine, and it’s everything they make it to be. I had my doubts initially, but they quickly varnished once is experienced the iRest massage chair. I love the feeling of the rollers working up and down my back, from the neck down to the glutes.

The 3D massage rollers are a game-changer in the massage industry and it became apparent during my first session. The rollers mirror the movements of a masseuse’s hands as they work on your back. They move up and down, side to side, and go in and out, all over your back. The 3D rollers mimic the motions of human hands to a tee.

Intelligent Massage Technology

While the initial massage session was fine, I was amazed that each session after that was even better. The iRest uses intelligent technology to collect curve data of your back continually. It uses the data to build your user profileand customize each session to address your unique needs.

Better yet, you’re not limited to one type of massage. The rollers are designed to mimic the massage action of professional masseuses – trained in different styles. They will squeeze, flap, knead, push, hold, twist, swing … you name it.

Targeted Body Massage

The chair comes with six auto massage modes, all accessible from the remote controller. After a long day at the office, I love a full-body massage. Other times I prefer to iron out the tight and knotty muscles in various body parts.

Besides the rollers, this chair uses airbags to deliver a full body massage with an option to customize each session to specific body parts. You can turn off the functions you don’t need or select your best combination from the remote controller.

With airbag massage, the pressure from the highest setting felt crushing. Set the pressure to low before progressing to medium or high. You’ll love level three compression if you prefer deep tissue massage as the pressure is intense.

Heating Pads for Pain Relief

The lower back heating feature is a lifesaver. The iRest massage chair uses emissive infrared to apply heat therapy to the small of your back.

The heating pads are just hot enough to break up the knots, relieve sore muscles, and improve blood circulation for a quick but lasting solution. A few sessions targeting my lower back caused my chronic back pain to meltaway.

Zero Gravity and Weightlessness

This next feature blew me away, and I must admit the zero gravity mode has become part of my daily routine. The chair reclines to a near-horizontal position to evoke a state of weightlessness. That takes the pressure off your back and spinal column, providing immediate relief.

Pairing the zero gravity mode with your preferred massage setting is a match made in heaven. I have paid for professional massages, but none of those sessions compares to what this chair delivers.

Automated Foot Rub

Leg and foot massage is one of the most overlooked features in most massage chairs, and the iRest delivers on both fronts. It comes with airbags that wrap around your calves and compresses yoursore calf muscles. After a few moments on the chair, the soreness in your legs starts ebbing away.

Foot rollers provide a firm but gentle massage to your feet, and it feels like an actual foot rub.Just be careful with the settings – the highest setting may feel like your legs are caught in a vice. The foot massager is height adjustable to accommodate people of different heights and sizes.

Bluetooth Connectivity

I treasure the Bluetooth speakers on my iRest massage chair for the matchless convenience they deliver. I can listen to my playlist, stream a podcast, or a book on audible without earphones. You’ll love this feature if you’re not a fan of stuffing plugs into your ears. You can connect the Bluetooth speakers to your phone or tablet and enhance your massage experience.

Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Sleek, Stylish, and colorful, the Real Relax PS3100 is a must-have if you relish a satisfying daily massage. This massage chair is built to facilitate a wholesome relaxation experience, and I am happy to report it exceeded my expectations.

Stylish Compact Design

I was a little apprehensive when ordering this massage chair as I wasn’t sure of the delivery time. But I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived at my doorstep with time to spare. The chair arrived in immaculate condition, and I was immediately blown away by its beauty and craftsmanship. Best of all, the chair comes fully assembled, which is a plus in my book.

This massage chair feels solid and even takes much less space than the iRest. This zero gravity chair is 30 inches wide and fits easily through my doorways. It stands about 48 inches high and about 55 inches long.

When fully inclined, the chair’s length extends up to a space-saving 65 inches. It makes an excellent addition to my den while leaving room to spare.

Immersive Massage Technology

I couldn’t wait to sink into this chair and experience the texture of its soft, lush, but hardwearing leather. The richtexture of the genuineleather was apparent, and it’s as comfortable as it is beautiful.

The body scanning technology kicked in immediately and began to mapmy body. I could feel the massage rollers shift and move beneath my back as the chair’s intelligent system detected my body size. It was thrilling yet relaxing, and it has only gotten better with time.

The Real Relax massage chair uses an SL-track with 3D massage rollersto customize each user’s massage experience. Unlike most models, the SL-track in this chair extends from your neck to your thighs.

I relish the ability to massage my quads as I don’t stretch them as often as they ought to be. Tight quads often hinder my ability to bend down and tie my shoes. Since I began using this chair, my flexibility has improved, and I can comfortably tie my boots without straining my back.

One outstanding feature of the Real Relax PS3100 massage chair is the choice of massage techniques. You get to pick from 12 different styles, including Chinese, Swedish, Thai, and shiatsumassage. I am continually experimenting with various massages, but so far, Thai and Shiatsu are my favorite.

Handy Armrest Controls

Although this unit lacks a remote control, it more than makes up for it by putting the controls at your fingertips. The controls are placed on the armrest for operating convenience. With a quick flip of your fingertips, you can recline the chair and choose the type of massageor turn it off.

Heat Therapy for Pain Relief

You’ll love this massage chair from Real Relax if you constantly battle back pains. The chair comes with a heating pack that radiates gentle heat up your body. The heat helps to soothe your sore muscles and eradicate deep-rooted back problems.

Heat therapy improves blood flow and circulation in the problematic areas of your back. Since the chair contour your back, it makes it easier to hit your pressure points.

Applying low, sustained heat on a sore muscle helps soothe discomfort, improve muscle flexibility, and heal damaged muscles. With this chair, you have a safe and reliable way to rehabilitate your back. You can now kick off your efforts to rehab your back on high gear and lead a pain-free existence.

Zero Gravity for Spinal Health

I love the one-button zero gravity design on this chair. A quick push of the button is all it takes to achieve zero gravity. The massage inclines smoothly and seamlessly up to 165degrees to give you a luxurious, weightless stretch.

I spend up to 10 hours a day seated behind a desk in my day job, and it has taken a toll on my back, waist, and hips. Sometimes I suffer from unexplainable pains and aches in my lower back and waist. My back is constantly sore and stiff.

Besides massaging away the pain, this chair has been critical to improving my flexibility and spinal health. I recline the chair into the zero gravity position daily to decompress my spine. The effect is immediate, and you feel like you’re floating on air.

Evenly distributing my weight along the body coupled with the therapeutic massage has done wonders to my back. I no longer must contend with crippling pains that threatened to take over my life and saddle me with high medical bills.

Full-Wrap Airbag Massage

A full massage experience goes beyond rubbing and kneading to include a fair amount of compression. With its full-wrap airbags, the PS 3100 delivers deep tissue massage to your arms, shoulders, thighs, and calves. It uses a series of pressure-adjustable airbags spread along the seat to compress the muscles.

The firm but gentle compressions are especially helpful in reducing pain and discomfort in the legs. If your legs swell after standing or sitting for a long time, you’ll love this massage chair. You can select between three compression intensities to get just the right amount of pressure you need to relieve fatigue and swelling.

You can set the airbags to massage your entire body at once or tweak the controls to focus on a specific area. The neck and shoulder massage setting isbeneficial after hunching over a computer. Since the chair automatically maps your body, it repositions the airbags to fit your frame.

Unlike other massage chairs, the PS 3100 doesn’t neglect your forearms and hands. The compression airbags in the armrests give your hand the VIP treatment to soothe away aches and pains.

Thai Foot Massage

Before I got this chair, I wasn’t into foot massages, but now I can’t get enough foot rubs. The Real Relax foot massage system pairs airbags compression with rollers to give you a Thai foot rub.

The scraping technique not only leaves your feet feeling loved but also hits all the pressure points. Thai foot massage is delightful, therapeutic, and comes with numerous health benefits. Since making this a nightly ritual, I’ve noticed that my sleep quality has improved.

Better yet, this massage chair comes with an adjustable footrest. The footrest extension wraps around your legs instead of leaving them to hang off the edge. Everyone in your household can use the chair as it can fit individuals who weigh up to 400 pounds and up to 6.5 feet tall.

Bluetooth Connectivity

I was pleasantly surprised to find that pairing a massage session with a meditation app helps to enrich the experience. I wasn’t big on relaxation, but the easy Bluetooth connectivity on this chair prompted me to try. You can pair the chair’s Bluetooth speakers with your phone or tablet.

So far, I have experimented with guided meditation, classical music, monk chants, and more. I’ve found that chants and classical music work better for me. I emerge thoroughly refreshed and invigorated from each massage session.

Osaki OS-Monarch

Beautiful, elegant, and compact, the Osaki OS-Monarch massage chair is a signature piece in any room. I was a tad apprehensive about getting this one. I am not handy with wrenches and screwdrivers, and the chair does require a bit of assembly – luckily, there’s a detailed video to help with that.

As a precautionary measure, I watched the 5 minute assembly video a few times to bolster my confidence before ordering the chair.

I was thrilled when the three boxes landed on my driveway and got on with the assembly. It was far easier than I had anticipated.

Compact Space Saving Design

I had the chair up and running in less than two hours – I was cautious and double-checking everything. And it was well worth it. Fully assembled, the chair is 32 inches wide, stands 50.5 inches high, and is 60 inches long. I was impressed that the length extends to a mere 73 inches while fully reclined.

Exceptional Massage Technology

My back was killing me from all the tinkering, but I was assembling a massage chair, so I was assured of quick relief. The chair pairs 3D rollers with the L-track framework provided an excellent range of massage.

Starting from my neck, the robotic hands worked down my back to glutes and hamstrings, providing much-needed relief. Naturally, I chose shiatsu as the first massage style and it was everything I had hoped for.

The OS-Monarch boasts four massage styles – shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and knocking –and I tried each one of them. Boy-oh-boy, it felt better than having a professional masseuse giving you a full rub down. I came away completely relaxed.

User Specific Massage Features

One thing I’ve come to love about this chair is the auto massage programs. The chair is designed to cater to your every massage needs and complement your lifestyle.

Of the 5 auto programs – pain relief, recovery, sleeping, stretch, and experience – sleeping is far my favorite. The 4 special massage programs – shopaholic, athlete mode, back & waist, and neck & shoulder let niche down and address pain points.

The chair is invaluable when it comes to targeting my problem areas – back and neck. And my life is better for it thanks to the four levels of massage intensity. Levels 1 & 2 provide a gentle, relaxing massage while 3&4 kicks it up a notch to deliver deep tissue massage.

Therapeutic Air Massage

After a bit of experimenting, I finally found my perfect massage routine. I start with the robotic hands and finish off the session with the air massage. With a total of 24 airbags, the OS-Monarch delivers amazing compression massage.

It’s an excellent way to wind down as the gentle compressions help to improve blood circulation and relieve pain, especially after using the rollers for deep massage. Be careful with the higher compression massage setting, as they can feel uncomfortable and crushing.

Turning on the pair of heating pads further enhances the massage experience, especially if you’re struggling with back pain. I prefer to start with a deep tissue massage to break off the knots, then use the heating pads and air massage for pain relief and relaxation.

Soothing Feet Massage

The OS-Monarch has the best-in-class foot massage features of all the chairs I have tried. Unlike other models, it uses a set of three rollers as reflexology massagers. Beyond giving you a relaxing foot rub, these rollers alternate between soothing and kneading to deliver a reflexology massage.

They spin gently to stimulate the acupuncture points in your feat. Yes, I know … that sounds like new-age mumbo-jumbo. I didn’t buy it either … until I tried it. Right now, my feet have never been happier, and so is my general health and wellbeing.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Like some music with your massage? The OS-Monarch comes with high-quality Bluetooth speakers to enhance the experience. Simply pair up your device – phone, tab, iPad – and relax away.

Making sales calls when working from home? Or catching up with friends? Use the hands-free option as the chair gently works away the aches and strain from your hands. Better yet, there’s a USB connect to charge your devices.

Infinity Riage Massage Shiatsu Chair

It’s no secret … I love shiatsu massage. Therefore, getting a full massage chair was a no brainer. And the Infinity Riage full shiatsu massage chair fit that role to a tee.

I am genuinely calm and relaxed both on a physical and emotional level after each session. The world slows down while you sit on the Infinity Riage, and your anxiety and stress fall by the wayside as the chair rocks you back and forth.

I was thrilled by the timely delivery, and best of all, it required no assembly – straight from the driveway into my library. I unboxed the chair at the front door and rolled it all the way there.

It comes with a pair of hidden wheels at the back for easy moving. Simply tilt the the backrest and you’re good to go.

Sleek Compact Space Saving Design

The infinity Riage is truly crafted for the space limited massage enthusiast. The chair is 23 inches wide, stands 38 inches high, and is 38 inches long. Once fully reclined, the Riage extends to a mere 54 inches while elevating you 29 inches of the ground.

For its diminutive size, this chair has a decent carrying capacity – it’s rated for people who are 264 lbs. and 5’ to 6’4 in height. At 15”, the seat is deep enough to let you sink in, but the 17” shoulder width might be a bit of a squeeze for people with super broad shoulders.

Pure, Unadulterated Shiatsu Massage

Can you tell I am fawning over this chair? Well, it delivers every inch of the traditional Japanese massage I’ve come to love. It’ll knead, tap, or knead & tap your pain and tensions away at the touch of a button.

It boasts a combination of four-node roller massage mechanism and an L-track frame work provide deep-kneading relief from your neck to glutes.

What it lacks in modern tech, this chair makes up with refined tapping, rolling and kneading techniques that target every inch of your back.

The lack of an SL track means you can’t customize the massage experience to various body sizes, but that’s hardly a deal-breaker for me. Especially since the Infinity Riage comes with lumbar heat.

I’ve long found that a combination of Shiatsu massage and heat therapy work wonders on my back. It’s an excellent way to promote healing after a workout session accelerates recovery.

Automated Massage Functions

The Infinity Riage may lack the sophistication of pricier models but still delivers on the tech front. The remote control unit is attached to the chair, which is great because you can’t misplace it, especially if you have kids in the household.

Besides the easy manual control, the chair has four automated massage routines – energy, relax, recover, and sleep – at the touch of a button. You can select the program you wish to use from the remote controller. Note, however, each program runs for about 15 minutes tops – after which it stops.

While that’s a bummer – it feels like you blinked and the session is over – it helps safeguard your investment. The system is programmed to cool down after 15 to 20 minutes for optimal performance and extend its lifespan.

Zero Gravity and Weightlessness

I love the feeling of weightlessness that comes while in the zero gravity position. To improve the massage experience with the Infinity Riage, I immediately switch to zero gravity after the end of a preset massage program. I like to give myself and the chair time to rest and cool down.

However, that’s often difficult when using the rest or sleep mode since I am mostly nodding off the chair. Luckily, the chair stops in a reclined position by default when using the sleep mode, so you can continue napping without falling forward or straining your neck.

A super Charged Recliner

I switch out my older recliner for the Infinity Riage and have no regrets. Besides its exceptional massage capabilities, this chair doubles a recliner when you turn it off as it’s designed for regular use as well. It comes with adjustable neck support to ensure that you don’t strain your neck.

Did I mention that this chair rocks? Yup, like a cradle, the Riage will gently rock you back and forth as you recline and dream away. If so inclined, you can lounge in sheer comfort and catch up on some reading. It’s become my favorite way to read or browse the internet as the chair holds the reclined position for as long as you want.

The adjustable footrest is an absolute win in my book as it’s designed to vibrate and massage your calves in the reclined or zero gravity position. The gentle vibrations leave your calves feeling rejuvenated as the soreness melts away. My only grumble is that my feet feel left out as the chair lacks a foot massage feature.

Kahuna Compact Massage Chair

I was first drawn to this chair by its name. I like to think of myself as a big Kahuna, and since Hani means happy in Hawaiian. If the chair is likely to make me a big happy Kahuna – I’ll take it. I am delighted that this chair has surpassed every expectation. And that’s saying something coming from your resident massage aficionado.

No Assembly Required

First off, the chair arrived intact and in a timely fashion, but best of all – it came fully assembled. I relish the idea of picking up a massage chair straight from the driveway and having it running in less than ten minutes. And that’s the case with the Kahuna.

Within ten minutes of getting the chair, I was enveloped in the chair’s high-density foam as I experienced its soft, lush, and comfortable feel. The thick rebound foam padding provides the firmest support without feeling too hard on your back and glutes.

I could have lounged in its matchless comfort, but I was dying to try out the massage features.

Top-Notch Massage Experience

If you’re unaware, Kahuna is a leading brand in the massage chair space, and so you can expect quality products from them. This chair lives up to its brand reputation. It couples L-track massage technology with 3D massage rollers for the optimal soothing and relaxing massage.

At 41 inches, the L-track massages you from the neck to your thighs. It’s the perfect choice if your posterior chain is a little tight and sore from prolonged sitting, age, or inactivity.

The 3D massage rollers feel great on your back – you get to control the intensity of the massage – alternate between the intense deep tissue and gentle relaxation massage. Unlike most massage chairs, Kahuna’s 3D rollers are designed to deliver acupressure therapy while massaging your spine. That allows them to hit the common pressure points responsible for crippling back pain.

Coupling the deep tissue massage with heat therapy is just what the doctor ordered. Instead of the regular heating pads, the Kahuna uses conveyable heating rollers. The feeling of the heatwave traveling down your neck to thighs is simply indescribable.

It’s comparable to a therapist applying a heat pack all over your back –minus the huge session bill after. It’s the most effective way to relieve muscle tension and aches or recover from an intense workout session.

Multiple Massage Options

The ability to choose the type of massage is priceless. You can circle between a full body massage, upper body, and lower body massage at the click of a button. The power switch and other remote control features are on the armrest – a quick finger flick is all it takes to control the chair.

I love that this chair lends itself to multiple applications.

Switch off the power, and you have a super comfy chair for your other needs. The chair comes with a special C-curve that fits snugly between the head and the neck.

The headrest offers superior neck support to keep you comfortable as you read, watch TV, or surf the internet. It’s a great way to avoid the headaches that stem from a strained neck.

Pelvic Correction & Butt Shaping

I must admit this was a new one for me, and I was keen to try it. The Kahuna Hani massage chair uses air pressure massage to correct your pelvic alignment. From the first session, I was blown away. It’s undoubtedly the best feature of this massage chair.

The air pressure massage therapy undid years of incorrect posturing and provide pain relief. I suffered period hip pain and couldn’t quite place where it comes from. After a few sessions, I was surprised how great my hips and back felt that I decided to find out more.

The pelvic alignment feature uses compression massage to roll back an anterior pelvic tilt. A tilt in the pelvic produces muscular imbalances in the hips, core and back.

As an office worker, I checked all the right boxes for an anterior pelvic tilt – tight and shortened hip flexors and lower back muscles. I had no idea how tense I was until this chair helped to limber the muscles.

I wasn’t too keen on the butt-shaping feature, but I tried it anyway. And the results were spectacular. The chair uses double-layered airbags to swing your body from side to side while massaging the bum.

It took a bit of getting used to, but I could feel and spot the difference a few sessions later. My hip line is considerably smaller, and my bum is rounding off nicely too. I plan to keep using these features well into the future.

The Bottom Line

If anything, this article clearly shows that small space is not an excuse for back ache! Even if you only have a small room, you can truly enjoy yourself with a massage chair that is compact but full of awesome, tingly features. Till next time!

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