Top 10 Standing Desks for Small Spaces: Tested Reviews!

Standing desks can be an amazing piece of furniture for relieving back and neck pain, improving posture and losing weight. But you also need adequate space to fit one in. For this article I bought and reviewed many smaller standing desks. The 10 desks on this list were my favorites based on multiple factors: their respective sizes and space-saving features, height adjustability, weight capacity, price and more!

So check out my reviews below. I’ve also included affiliate links to Amazon so you can check out the current price and customer reviews on their product pages as well.

Top 10 Standing Desks for Small Spaces

1. Rolanstar Standing Desk Dual Motor

The Rolanstar Standing Desk Dual Motor is my most expensive standing desk and the first one I bought. I was enticed to buy this desk because I liked that it had 2 motors and it also featured a sturdy looking monitor platform and a quiet motor.

It has 2 drawers and hanging hooks. It was easy to assemble off the box thanks to the numbered parts . It is made from durable metal frames so that it can support up to 110lbs. The dual motors can adjust the height of the desk from 30.5in  to 47.2in relatively quickly.

This desk was an impulse buy. I was looking for a good standing desk and I confess that I purchased the first one I thought was durable. Because of this I missed out on other more affordable offers such as those listed below since this one cost me more than $300.

Fortunately, it’s still around today after 3 years in use. The motors do not give me problems and still work perfectly. It’s around 42 in x 22 so it’s big enough to hold my 22 inch monitor, keyboard and speakers.

The only complaint I have aside from the price is the raised shelf for the monitor. It’s less than 8 inches in width so your monitor’s legs or base need to be less than that in order to prevent accidents.

2. Amazon Basics Adjustable Standing Desk

The Amazon Basics Adjustable Standing Desk is one of the best desks I have ever bought. As a business owner, I have several standing desks as well as regular ones and this is one of my favorites.

This is because it is very easy to use. Strictly speaking, this is not a desk. You can think of it as a monitor and keyboard tabletop that you can put on top of your regular desk. You can then adjust the height up or down when you want to stand or sit.

The desk when adjusted at full height sits at around 19 inches. I am 5’8” so I only use it around ¾ of the way so that I can type and read comfortably. It has a hand brake lever that you squeeze in order to adjust height.

It ships assembled so you can use it right out of the box. My iMac is 27 inches and weighs around 22 pounds and the desk has no problem carrying it. It is stable when I type and the product feels sturdy and durable.

I like this desk. The only downside I can think of is the price which is around $270. It’s very expensive, especially since it’s a tabletop.

3. Flexispot EG1 Standing Desk

The Flexispot EG1 Standing Desk is my standing desk at home. It is made from ethically sourced materials and is powered by an electric motor. The workstation measures 48″x 24″ and is big enough to hold not only my monitor and keyboard but also some office supplies.

Since I am the only 1 using this desk, I bought a no-frills one that only comes with an up and down button. There is no memory setting which is fine by me. The desk can support up to 130 lbs of gear so it is enough for most computer setups.

I spent around $200 for this desk and that’s admittedly expensive for something so basic. The desk is electric and is made from good materials but those are its only features. There is no drawer for storage or racks for cable management. Not even hooks for your headphones.

Honestly not one of my best buys but it serves its purpose for me.

4. VIVO Electric 43 x 24 inch Stand Up Desk

I bought the VIVO Electric 43 x 24 inch Stand Up Desk because it has a timer. With this desk you are able to go from sitting to standing. Just set the timer and the desk will remind you to adjust the height. It also has memory settings to make setting up easier.

The timer and electric motor makes this desk very efficient and easy to use. The materials used are also sturdy and can support up to around 170 lbs. It is a little bit bigger than other products here but still compact enough for small spaces and big enough to fit a 22 inch screen and laptop.

It also comes with accessories like a laptop desk stand, cable management racks and a smart control panel. The desk is adjustable from 30 to 50 inches in height thanks to its electric motor which has a 3-year warranty which we have not used yet. This desk comes in black or white and we chose the latter because it looks sleek and modern.

The desk needs some assembly when it arrives. It’s easy to figure out, the only thing I did not like while putting it together was that some of the parts were really heavy. I had a hard time attaching the bar that rotates the desk. Fortunately there are videos you can access using the QR code they provide.

This electric standing desk is also a bit expensive, costing approximately $220.

5. SHW Electric Height Adjustable Mobile Standing Desk

Adjusting a standing desk can be complicated and sometimes feel like a chore so if you want automation, try the SHW Electric Height Adjustable Mobile Standing Desk. Unlike the product above, this desk looks like a traditional desk but has an electric telescopic lift system which automatically goes up and down depending on your height requirement.

It features a digital display handset with 4 memory preset options for faster and easier adjustment. Since the lift is electric, you can also adjust the height by pressing the up or down button. The material used is high grade industrial steel so you’re assured of its durability.

This was a new buy for the office and so far it has not broken down yet. It’s small enough to fit most spaces but also large enough to fit a regular desktop or laptop. This standing desk is perhaps the easiest to use since height adjustment is electric.

The product also has a small drawer for your office supplies, wire management and desk hooks for your headset.

Since it’s electric, the pricing is on the high end which can be a deal breaker for many. However, it is just over $210 making it more affordable than the desk from Amazon Basics.

6. Safco Products Muv 35-49″H Stand-Up Desk

The Safco Products Muv 35-49″H Stand-Up Desk is a good mobile option for people who like to change locations around the office. The wheels, materials and design of this product is superior to the Sudical desk below which is why it is also a bit more expensive, starting at around $150.

This desk looks better compared to the product from Sudical. The cherry wood option that I bought looks better compared to the plain black of the Sudical.  I also like the sliding keyboard tray which makes the product look neat and modern when not in use.

Since it is a mobile desk, it has 4 locking castor wheels and I did not have problems moving it around especially in carpeted areas of our office.

I only have 2 complaints for this standing desk. First, it is small, measuring around 19 x 22 inches. That’s barely enough room for a 22 inch monitor. Fortunately, there is a keyboard tray but not much room for a mouse pad.

My second issue is that it is not very height adjustable. You need to take off a peg on each side of the steel frames every time you want to adjust height. It’s not very practical if you want to sit and stand every 30 minutes.

7. Slendor Standing Desk Converter

The Slendor Standing Desk is an affordable alternative to the Amazon Basics model above. Retailing at approximately $110, it’s a tabletop standing desk and comes fully assembled.

Aside from the price, I liked that this product has a pump assisted lift that makes height adjustments easy. It has a maximum height of 17 inches, making it perfect for people between 5 to 6 feet in height.

My most favorite feature of this standing desk is the sleek design. It looks modern and simple so it looks good for most desks. Since it’s colored black, it is unobtrusive and blends very well with normal office decor.

At 32 x 22 inches, it is large enough for a 22 inch screen, your keyboard and mouse. A regular sized laptop and other office supplies also fit well.

Like most tabletop standing desks, it has no room for storage. While this is understandable since you can store office supplies on your regular desk, bending to look for a stapler for example can be inconvenient. There is also no provision for hanging hooks.

Overall, I still like this product for its price. The lifting mechanism is good and adjusting height is easy so it’s value for money.

8. FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter

If you’re looking for a sturdy tabletop option that’s made from quality materials, look no further than the FEZIBO Standing Desk Converte. Retailing at just below $110, this tabletop model comes with a  pneumatic spring to adjust different tabletop heights so you can adjust from sitting to standing in minutes.

There are other tabletop options here but this is perhaps my favorite. It looks modern, minimalist and is big enough to hold a monitor, keyboard and mouse. There is a main platform for your monitor and another layer for your keyboard and mouse, giving you lots of space to work.

You need to assemble the desk before you can use it but it comes with a manual and instructional videos if you get confused. Best of all, installation tools come with the product so there’s no need to panic if you don’t have the right equipment or enough experience.

There are other color options but we bought the black one for our office and our iMac looks good against the color.

This is a good choice if you prefer a tabletop option and want to save money if you don’t have one for a full electric model. There are more affordable models but the smooth lifting and double layer makes this a good buy in my opinion.

9. SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk

I was looking for a cheap standing desk and found the SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk at below $80. The reason for this was because I was looking for something that had wheels in it so I can easily change location with my gear without having to pack it up if I used a tabletop option.

The height for this standup desk is 26.3″ to 45.3″. This is a good height range for most people for sitting and standing but not if you’re over 6 feet tall. People at this height would need to stoop which would result in back aches if used for long periods of time.

This product works well as a workstation and can fit your standard laptop or desktop. The frame is made from heavy duty steel while the desk and monitor platform are made from MDF in order to make it affordable. The main desk can also be tilted up to 45 degrees.

This is not a bad standing desk for its price. It’s a good bargain if you’re looking for a budget option. However, don’t expect longevity from materials like the MDF and flimsy caster wheels. Adjustment is also manual so expect a balancing act whenever you need to change height since you need to do it 1 side at a time.

10. Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk

The Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk is a good entry level standing desk made especially for laptop users. This standing desk is a tabletop and is made from lightweight aluminum so you won’t have any problems transporting this model.

I personally bought this product because I wanted a standing desk option for when I’m working outside the office. As I said earlier, it’s lightweight so I use it when I work in cafes. I also use it when I’m working on my bed as a laptop stand.

The desk is just big enough for a standard laptop but if you need to use a mouse, there is a clip-on mouse tray that you can attach. It also features a lip so that your laptop won’t slip off when the desk is tilted at an angle.

Perhaps the only thing I dislike about this product is that it is hard to adjust. First of all, you need to adjust each side separately. This leads to many different combinations until you find the perfect balance.

I will still recommend this product though but only because it’s very affordable at approximately $35. It’s a good standing desk option for laptop users and for those who don’t change position often


A standing desk is a good choice for people who are looking to burn more calories while working. Shifting positions can help you live a healthier lifestyle and avoid health problems in the future.

Whether you want a full adjustable desk, manual, electric or table top option, make sure to find desk that meets your work and health requirements.

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