7 Best Standing Desk Alternatives

Transitioning to a standing workplace can be life-changing, but it can also be difficult. Standing desks tend to be expensive and they can also take up a lot of space. They’re also often quite large and not very portable. That is why I’ve reviewed some alternatives to the usual standing desk that are just as amazing but also more affordable, portable and adjustable.

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7 Best Alternatives to A Standing Desk

Here are the seven best options we have picked out for you.

Portable Laptop Riser Desk

A Portable Laptop Riser for when you want to work on the go. This is definitely the most simple and modest riser desk out there:

Rocelco 19″ Portable Laptop Riser

Maybe you are a frequent traveler. Maybe you are someone who wants something quick and easy to set up because you don’t have the time or space. You just want to open it, use it, and then close it and be done with it. That is where this Portable Riser Desk comes in. It has a very simple cross-frame design that allows you to raise the laptop board with complete ease to lock it in place.

It is also incredibly affordable and does not break the bank. And with its compactness, you could fold it up, and if you have a bag big enough, you could put it in there to carry it around.

This is definitely the easiest solution for when one wants an uncomplicated alternative to a standing desk. Though it is not as portable as maybe a laptop stand, which can stay unfolded and be moved to another place/room. But what it lacks there, it makes up for it in its simple fold-unfold design.

Features Include

  • Incredibly lightweight design means that it doesn’t weigh more than 7 pounds, and therefore, isn’t a burden on your luggage.
  • When folded, the design is so thin that it can be measured under 1 inch. And it has eight different height adjustment settings and a maximum height of 15 inches.
  • A small and compact surface for work which measures 10in x 19in.
  • Comes with a carrying pouch that allows for easy storage in your luggage.

Fixed Wall-Mounted Desk Shelf

What is a Fixed Wall-Mounted Desk Shelf? As explained in the name, it is a desk that is mounted to a wall in a fixed position, and its frame is also fixed.

This is the smartest and sturdiest fixed wall-mounted desk shelf we came up with:

Rolanstar Computer Desk With Built-in Shelves

Do you want something secure? Something elegant? Something that is lightweight and does not take up too much of the space in your room? Do you want a desk that you can store other things on, all the while doing your work?

This Wall-mounted desk shelf is your answer. A 2-in-1, this desk shelf may not have adjustability to it, but what it does bring is security. With it being fixed to your wall, this floating desk is so elegant and lightweight.

The design of it is minimalist and aims to minimize wastage of space. With its finish, and the fact that it comes with extra shelves to put other miscellaneous items on, this wall-mounted shelf is perfect for those who might want to add a bit of character to their workspace.

Features Include

  • Open metal frame, wood coloring, and wall-mounted design give it a rustic look.
  • Two 29.92in x 19.69 in shelves that are a perfect place for plants, books, and such.
  • Simple parts, super easy assembly. The directions it comes with are straightforward and simple enough to be followed by anyone

Mobile Laptop Cart

By cart, we can infer that it is a movable cart that is capable of working as a shifting desk.

This is the smoothest and moves movable laptop cart right now:

Sit-to-Stand Mobile Laptop Computer Cart by Techni Mobili

Are you dynamic? Are you active? Are you someone who moves or shuffles around a lot for whatever reason? And for that, you need your work to move around with you? After all, carrying your laptop everywhere can get tedious.

Especially when you need to move other stuff with it, have you thought about getting this laptop cart? No? Why not? This is a brilliant thing. With its simplistic design and lightweight, easy-to-move frame, this should be at the top of your list if you are someone who likes to stand and move around a lot but also wants to take their work with them.

Features Include

  • Two storage compartments, one open and one closed.
  • Tilting and adjustable panels with safety stoppers and an adjustable height between 30 and 75 inches.
  • MDF wood panels with a moisture-resistant, black, veneer finish.
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • It comes in one box and is already assembled.

CTA Tablet Mount Stand

It is a device or a mount that can be put on any flat surface and act as a holder for a tablet PC.

Table mounts don’t get better than this; take a look at this one:

CTA 3-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand – Designed For iPad

Do you not need much? Is your work geared more towards graphics, communication, and numbers? Do you need a more hands-off approach? Tablets are pretty simple, right? Much more convenient and easier to use than laptops.

You can carry them around anywhere. But sometimes, you need to hold them up. You need to have them at eye level and cannot exactly sit them down on the desk. You should consider the 3-in-1 mount stand for your tablet. Its brilliantly compact design is amazing. You can put it up on the wall or stand it up on whatever flat surface you want.

And with its foldable spine, you can adjust the height to whatever your requirements are. This is perfect for people who are working but are also preoccupied with some other task and want to multitask at the same time.

Features include

  • Sleek and compact aluminum body.
  • Easy install and setup. Just put it down and adjust it.
  • Expansive compatibility and can hold tablets from 6 inches to 13 inches.
  • Reinforced heavy aluminum body, steel cables, and lock and key system.

Mobile Stand-Up Desk

An ergonomic and budget alternative to a standing desk, this mobile stand-up desk is for your home, due to its compact frame:

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand-Up Desk (Adjustable Desk with Wheels)

You need a desk for your home. Something small, something subtle. Something that allows you to work while standing, and gives you that comfortable feeling because the desk isn’t too tedious to push around or take care of. Something portable that you can shift room to room just by using one hand.

You need something that can handle a simple laptop and that’s it. You don’t need much. And you certainly don’t want to break the bank just for a standing desk.

When it comes to a desk like that, there is no other option better than the Siducal Mobile Stand-Up Desk. Made from engineered wood and given a dark and sleek polish.

This Mobile Stand-up desk has height adjustability and is so simple to assemble and use that you would have trouble believing it. And just because it’s a relatively budget option does not mean it’s bad. The material, whether it’s the wooden board or the metal frame, is sturdy, well-built, and clearly designed to last you for a long time.

Features include

  • Adjustable height between 27.5in – 45.3in
  • Thick & Heavy Duty MDF Board
  • Simple Assembly due to Easy-to-Follow Assembly Procedure
  • Multifunctional due to portability and adjustability.

Sit-to-Stand Riser Desk

What is a sit-to-stand riser desk? A sit-to-stand riser desk’s name is self-explanatory. It can be used in both sitting mode and standing mode. The ‘riser’ means to imply that you can adjust and make the desk rise according to your needs.

This is the best bang-for-your-buck sit-to-stand riser desk that we could find:

VIVO Black – Height Adjustable, Quick Sit-to-Stand Tabletop Dual Monitor Riser

Are you one of those people that aren’t sure about where they stand with the standing desk debate? Do you have trouble sitting for long amounts of time but also standing for long amounts of time? Do you want to do both whenever you want? Do you want something dynamic that you have full control over?

A Sit-to-stand riser desk like this is perfect for you. The dynamic adjustability of this desk will be perfect for you. You can be sitting and chilling, but when you get tired of sitting, or you feel like standing up, just grab the handles, and draw it into a standing position and then just continue your work standing.

With a maximum height of 36 inches and an easily adjustable handle system, this is one of the best manual riser desk options on the market. And it doesn’t commit you to one side either. With all-around adjustability, you can tailor the keyboard and monitor position to your perfect liking.

Features include

  • It has a spacious 36-inch surface. The 36in x 22in design for both single or dual monitor configurations. With the tray that rises simultaneously with the rise of the desktop surface.
  • Due to the heavy-duty pneumatic springs installed in the desk, it provides 33 pounds of lift, which allows you to go from sitting to standing in seconds.
  • The rise is pretty much assembled out of the box and therefore requires minimal setup. Just unfold and go.

Adjustable Wall-Mounted PC Desk

A desk that is able to be mounted and fixed to a wall but itself is adjustable and can fit all the peripherals.

What a bargain, this is the coolest adjustable wall-mounted desk right now:

Sit-to-Stand Dual Monitor Wall Mount Workstation

When it comes to wall-mounted setups, there are barely any that are better than this one. This takes standing desks to the next level.

The wall-mount will be bolted securely to the wall, and the sturdy metal arm will hold your entire setup in its place. With the way it’s set up, you can put up two monitors on it simultaneously.

And you can hook up and place the rest of your peripherals into the joined tray right below the monitor mount. This is truly the standing kind of desk for enthusiasts.

Features include

  • The mount has a full range of motion and is therefore capable of extending up to 41 inches from the wall. Be mindful of that.
  • It can be mounted directly to concrete and stud. Comes with dual monitor capability, keyboard/mouse tray, and even a CPU holder.
  • The system as a whole can adjust by a height of 10.9 inches. At the same time, the adjustable arm is capable of 15-degree monitor tilt, 180-degree arm swivel, and 360-degree monitor rotation.
  • It comes with a CPU wall mount and a tray to store stuff and allows for efficient cable management function.

So I hope these alternatives provide you with exactly that – a solid alternative to a heavy and expensive standing desk! 

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