7 Best Massage Chairs for Short People in 2021.

At 5’4 with a slight frame, getting the perfect massage chair can be quite daunting. Most massage chairs are big and meant for taller people, and it ruins the quality of each massage session.

If you’re like me and often have issues with shoulder and footrest placement, dig in as I review the best massage chairs for short people that won’t cause this problem. You can click on the name or the picture of each massage chair to see it on Amazon, with its current price and more product information available there.

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So let’s dig into the reviews:

Best Massage Chairs for Short People

7. Kahuna LM 6800 Massage Chair

If you love lounging in a massage chair for a long, lazy massage session, you’ll love the Kahuna LM 6800. First, it’s the perfect size if you’re on the lower end of the height spectrum. This luxury massage chair is 46′ tall, 48′ long, and 31′ wide, making it compact and space-saving.

I opted for white glove delivery because the chair calls for some assembly, and boy, they delivered. They called to arrange delivery and set it up in no time – like real pros. I could hardly wait to sink into this sleek and beautiful chair.

The first session on this chair felt like a hug from a long-lost friend that, amazingly, gets better with time.The chair uses innovative technology to scan your body size and automatically adjusts the rollers for best performance.Every knead and every tap of the rollers targets specific areas of your back. It’s the equivalent of having a skillful personal masseuse kneading away the pains and soreness.

You have a choice of five manual massage techniques at your fingertips – shiatsu, kneading, rolling, tapping, and a kneading/tapping combo. That’s enough to experience a different massage every day of the week.And it doesn’t neglect your feet either.

The chair comes with an adjustable footrest that’s fitted with foot rollers to gently work your feet after a long day. Combine the foot massage with air compression, and you’d be surprised how much tension you carry in your legs. At level three, the airbags can feet tight, but the deep massage is well worth it – wearing a thick pair of socks makes it much more comfortable.

The LM-600 Kahuna is all about customized options, and you have six auto programmed massages,including the Yoga stretching and the SV-Chiro modes. I’ve come to love the chiro mode because each session feels like a visit to a chiropractor – it leaves you feeling limber and well-put-together.

I love the fact that you can have hour-long massage sessions without overworking the chair. I prefer to break them into two 30-minute sessions and adjust the settings for the new session – it’s the only way to experience the numerous options on this chair.

An hour of having the L-track and the four-roller massage systems iron out the kinks on your back – from your neck to your glutes – feels glorious. Best of all, the system is designed to massage and decompress your spine for maximum pressure release. Do this before bed, and you’ll sleep like a baby to wake up rejuvenated each morning.

If that’s not enough for you, you can kick it up a notch with the air massage system. I prefer to use a lower setting and have the airbags work gently on my shoulders, hips, waist, and arms as the rollers do my back. At this point am nodding off in the chair as the feeling is so delicious.

To cap off each session on the Kahuna LM-600, I elevate the chair into one of 3 zero gravity positions for a truly weightless feel. The combination of a full body massage and weightlessness is undoubtedly the best part of my day. If I am not nodding off, I turn off the chair and do a bit of reading in the reclined mode.

6. Infinity Alterra Massage Chair

I love the Infinity Altera massage chair because it’s crafted especially for petite users. Finally, a brand that understands, and most importantly, caters to theneeds of short people. The Altera is 57” long, 31” wide, and stands 44” high. When fully reclined, the chair is 71” long and keeps you 32” off the ground. It rated for people who are below 6’ tall.

I got a good vibe immediately after I saw this chair as it’s sleek, beautiful, and sports a futuristic design. And I was right; this feature-packed chair surpassed my expectations.

Sitting on the chair triggered a 3D body scan as the chair used innovative technology to map out my body shape and size. I have come to relish massage chairs with this feature because they’re the equivalent of having a professional masseuse at your disposal.

The Altera combines a 49″ hybrid L/S track with 3D rollers to deliver a custom massage that hits all the right spots. This combo mimics the hands of a skilled professional and will iron out any knots in your back to relieve pain and tension. If the scan is out of whack for some reason, you can manually adjust the position and width of the rollers. With the Altera, there’s no settling or compromising; everything is set to your liking.

As is the case with most Infinity massage chairs, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to massage options. Besides the typical options – rubbing, tapping, kneading, knocking, and Shiatsu – the Altera takes it two notches higher. You have two more options – music sync and rhythm. While Shiatsu still reigns supreme, the new options really heighten the experience.

You probably can tell that music sync isn’t a massage technique, but it gives the chair a groovy feel when activated. It’ll sync and move to the beat of the music playing from the in-built speakers in the massage chair. Now your taste in music really sets the pace. You can opt for a gentle, relaxing massage with classical music, a groovy session with feisty salsa, or moderate-heavy with some hip-hop. I’d probably stay away from heavy metals as it may feel like the chair is literally out to get you.

But the Altera isn’t done yet as you have six auto massage options to pick from that are designed to work the entire body or narrow down to specific body parts. What’s more, there are six levels of intensity to each mode, giving you options for days or months.

The Altera over-delivers on the air massage mode front with its 36 airbags distributed evenly across the chair. Another outstanding feature is the ability to activate the airbags selectively to target a specific body part. Shoulders feeling a little tense? You can focus on those and turn off the rest. Are your feet and calves killing you? Ditto.

Have I mentioned how customizable this chair is? Well, the Altera leaves nothing to chance with the partial and zone modes. If you don’t like what the massage program is doing, you can interrupt and refocus the rollers on the specific areas you wish to target. How cool is that? I can’t get enough of this feature.

The body stretch feature is another of the chair’s impressive features. It’s the equivalent of a chiropractic adjustment and will decompress your spine for a deep therapeutic feel. I’ve found using the heated pads before a stretch to maximize the benefits.

I’ve nodded off during a shiatsu foot massage because I prefer to have it done in the zero-gravity mode, and the chair rocks me back and forth. Months on, and I am still discovering novel ways to use this massage chair.

5. Merax Massage Recliner

I love massage chairs, but most aren’tmeant for sitting without the massage features turned on. And so, I went out and got the Merax massage recliner because it promises the best of both worlds. It’s a recliner with in-built massage features so you can lounge, read, or watch TV.

I was delighted when the delivery guy rolled up my driveway as the chair came earlier than expected. I was a little bummed that the chair wasn’t fully assembled, but I surprised myself by having it ready to go in less than ten minutes. The chair ships in four boxes and the four parts fit together like hand in glove so you can have it assembled in no time.

Weighing a mere 80 pounds, this massage chair for short people is 34′ long, 39′ high, and 30 inches wide. The seat is 21′ inches deep which places your calves squarely on the vibrating footrest.

I knew we would have a problem right off the bat, and now there’s a constant fight on who gets to sit on it. This chair is sleek, beautiful with just the right amount of overstuffing – it gives my living room a classy feel.

Naturally, my first stop was the massage features. It’s important to note that the Merax isn’t your regular massage chair – it uses vibrating massage motors instead of rollers. It’s not designed to deliver deep tissues massage but rather soothe away the tension and soreness through vibrations.

I was delighted that the chair haseight powerful vibration motors to give you five massage modes and three intensity levels. The motors are arranged along the central axis from the neck down to your thighs. You can choose between three intensity levels but give the chair sometime to warm up for the best results.

Since the Merax is primarily a recliner with massage capabilities, it comes with a thick, deeply upholstered leather backrest. The S-shaped backrest design is crafted to mirror your spinal curve and provide exceptional support. Sinking into this chair after a long day at the office is a great way to kick back and relax.

Best of all, it comes with a retractable footrest so you can elevate and massage your feet as you read or watch TV. Simply pull out the switch line, and the footrest pops right out. You can count on the footrest to serve you for a long time since it comprises a thoroughly tested metallic frame. The retractable footrest plays well into the chair’s space-saving design.

I’ve come to appreciate the gentle vibrating massage as it hits differently compared to the deep tissue massage of the pricier massage chairs. After a long day, I like to sink in the chair, rest in its padded foam comfort, and then couple the vibrating massage with the heating systems.

This combo is slightly annoying when watching TV because you’ll miss many endings by falling asleep halfway through the show. But the therapeutic effect of the session is well worth it.

You’ll need to adjust the reclining level manually, but the chair has a wireless remote control for the massage functions. A handy side pocket on the right side keeps you from misplacing the remote. I look forward to spending more quality time sitting on this super comfortable recliner enjoy hot vibrating massages.

4. RELAXONCHAIR RIO Massage Recliner

Sleek, beautiful, classy … these are the adjectives that spring to mind when looking at the RELAXONCHAIR Rio. I was sold the minute is laid eyes on this gorgeous reclining massager, so I set to try it out. And WOW is all I can say.

First off, the chair arrived earlier than expected and best of all, it came fully assembled. I had my massage chair and recliner unboxed and ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

Weighing a mere 132 pounds, the Rio is 26′ wide, 43′ tall, and 45′ long. When reclined, the chair is a mere 56″ long and 36″ high. Thanks to its space-saving design, it closely hugs the wall, needing a clearance of only 3.5 inches. Best of all, the chair is crafted with short people – folks who are 4’10” can comfortably use this chair.

The RelaxonChair RIO is a signature piece in any room in the house. The sleek design, beautiful color scheme, and diamond patterns on the soft, luscious faux leather are just too had to ignore. It’s a standing invite to try out the chair. Besides the sitting comfort, the Rio delivers on the massage and therapeutic front.

The reclining massage comes with a long SL-track that stretches from your neck to your upper thighs (entire thigh if you’re on the shorter side). The RIO has a longer track compared to previous models such as the MK-II. The RIO makes up for what it lacks in technology with a boatload of massage options. I was stoked to try out each of the 8 auto massage settings and have fun with each of the 5 manual settings. Each session on this chair feels like an adventure. I can’t help but feel like Will Smith … because I am in the Pursuit of Happyness … while setting the pace and dictating the terms.

I’ve created various massage recipes to suit different days of the week and my mood to keep things interesting. It’s the least you can do with the boatload of features this chair puts at your fingertips.

Naturally, Shiatsu is my go-to massage, but I like to mix up the rest to have some element of kneading, tapping, knocking, or the kneading and tapping combo. As I said, it’s an adventure, and you can set the pace. The auto massage menu delivers up to 30 minutes of exciting sessions. You can decompress, relax, or lounge comfortably. Or work on specific troublesome parts such as the back & waist or neck & shoulders.

I particularly like to turn on the lumber heat when the chair is wholly inclined and in zero-gravity mode to enjoy healing heat on my back. I love that you can turn off the massage features and use the Rio as a standard recliner complete with a footrest. Simply flip the ottoman to switch out the massager for the footrest, and you’re all set.

3. Titan Pro-Executive Massage Chair

Sometimes you … just need more. More massage features, more time for each massage session, and that’s where the Titan Pro Executive massage chair shines. I particularly like this chair because it’s built like a typical rocking chair, and, oh boy, has it rocked my world?

While researching the chair, I noted that it ships in two or three boxes. That’s was my cue to get the White Glove service – I am not big on tinkering. The delivery service called to arrange delivery and, like Ninjas – quick and efficient – they were out of my house in less than an hour. And I had this beauty all to myself.

I set it on my lounge, and it reminds me of my grandpa’s old rocking chair – but way classier and comfortable. The chair is 54″ long, 37″ wide, and stands 53″ tall. It extends to 87″ when reclined in zero gravity position while keeping your 29″ off the ground. The protruding control console on the right armrest gives it a space-age feel. And it has the technology to boot.

For the first session, the chair scans and maps your body to customize your massage session. Be sure to move the head pad out of the way and press your back and neck into the chair for a more accurate read. You can reposition the rollers in the remote control to fit your specific needs.

The chair couples an SL track with 3D rollers to deliver deep tissues massage, but it’s best to start at low intensity and work your way up. Luckily, you have a choice of 2 auto massages to pick from.

Unlike other models, the Titan has two sets of heating pads – one on your lower back and the other on the calves. Heated calf massage is one thing I never knew I needed, but it’s become a staple in my life.

In the spirit of more, the Titan Pro-Executive boasts some exceptional features. Besides tapping, kneading, and rolling your aches away, the chair is big on stretching. I’ve come to love the leg & waist stretch feature for its incredible benefits. The airbags under your glutes inflate, and the footrest retracts to arch your back, giving you a Thai stretch. I can’t get enough to this feature.

Speaking of airbags, the Titan Pro-Executive packs 61 of them; that’s right, 61 airbags thoughtfully positioned to deliver the best compression massage of your life. As if that’s not impressive enough, the Titan pairs the airbags with 8 magnetic nodes and a pair of air pumps. This arrangement delivers three massage intensity levels while allowing you to control the intensity on various parts of the body independently.

I get dreamy whenever I think of getting a foot rub while sitting on the Titan Pro. The height-adjustable footrest comes into two parts – one for the feet and the other for your calves – simply stretch your legs to adjust its height. The foot massager couples three rollers (instead of the usual one or two) to give you a wholesome foot massage.

Have you ever had your Achilles tendon massaged? The feeling is incredible, and it does wondersfor your leg mobility and flexibility. None of my other chairs can hold a candle to the Titan Pro-Executive on foot massage or anything else, really.

2. Forever Rest Massage Chair

The Forever Rest is your best bet when you need a simple, elegant, but feature-packed massage chair. I needed a quiet massage chair for my study, and this space-saving bad boy fits the bill to a tee. There is nothing like a quiet reading experience while having someone (or, in this case, a chair) knead your back.

I was bummed to learn they only do curbside delivery, but I had my neighbor come over and help. Thankfully, the chair comes fully assembled – plug and play. I let my neighbor try it first, and I had to literally eject him from the chair – it’s that good. At 216 pounds, the chair is 45″ long, 30″ wide, and stands 45″ high. When reclined, the chair is 68″ long and keeps you 29″ off the ground.

I love that the chair comes with body scan technology and automatically adjusts the rollers to your body measurements. My neighbor is a full head taller than me, and each time, the rollers readjusted to whoever was on the chair. Better still, you can tweak the rollers by holding down a button until the rollers and just in the right position.

The FR-6KSL uses an SL track and quad rollers to iron out the muscle knots from the neck down to the thighs on the massage front. The quad rollers are great but not as phenomenal as the 3D rollers that emulate human hands.

That said, the chair comes with both auto and manual massage programming to let you customize your sessions. You can opt for a gentle lazy massage or go full-on out with an invigorating session.

I love the choice of 6 different techniques – kneading, tapping, pressing, kneading/tapping combo, but I was blown away by the Shiatsu. If you need something more, the FR-6KSL got it by the bucketload. It comes with 9 auto programs, including stretch, music sync, and energy to help you relax and drain away the pain.

And oh, unlike most massage chairs that deliver three intensity levels, the Forever Rest chair kicks it up to 5 intensity levels. The amount of customization possible on this chair is simply phenomenal. This brings me to the air massage. The chair’s multiple airbags envelop your entire body and are designed to compress and relax the acupressure points. The feeling is amazing, especially since you have five intensity levels to pick from and can control the intensity to various body parts.

I’ve long found reading in zero gravity particularly rewarding, especially when reading works of fiction. Zero gravity keeps your heart from pounding like a tum-tum during the fast-paced scenes. Applying lumbar heating makes squirming as your read even more fun.

It’s not surprising that the FR-6KSL comes with a foot roller that administers shiatsu foot massage. The combo of foot rollers and well-placed airbags is just what you need at the end of the day (or catching up with some reading, in my case). Be cautious, though; the compression can feel especially strong at the highest intensity, as my good neighbor found out – he liked it to a vice-grip. I recommend thick socks if you wish to push the limits without enduring any pain.

1. Nouhaus Massage Chair With Ottoman

Most massage chairs spot a bulky design that makes it hard to blend with your existing décor, and so they stick out like a sore thumb. The Nouhaus massage chair puts an end to all that. If you need a discrete yet stylish chair that delivers deep tissue massage, this is it right here.

Nouhaus, the maker of this classic massage chair, has outdone itself in shedding the bulky look to give it a classy modern look with a Victorian feel. It comes with a standalone ottoman, which is great if you’re space limited.

The chair fits in with your office décor, and it swivels too. At 67 pounds, this lightweight chair is 40″ long, 26″ wide, and stands 38″ tall. It won’t sit anyone larger than 250 pounds, but its curvy shape gives off a sultry vibe that lights up every room. So unique is this chair that it won the 2020 Red Dot Award for Incomparable Functionality and Aesthetics.

Besides being a head-turner, the Nouhaus is jam-packed with exceptional massage features. It pairs an SL track with a quad roller system that extends underneath the seat to massage your thighs. Better yet, you can switch between manual and auto massage mode for a more refreshing massage session.

The Nouhaus in my office makes me feel as if I have a personal masseuse on standby because it comes with great massage options. I can choose between a straight roll, percussive, kneading, and shiatsu massages or a combo from the remote. I treasure the ability to switch between full body massage and spot massage to fix troublesome spots. It comes in handy if you spend most of yourday hunched over a computer. I find that detaching the neck pillow allows for a deeper neck massage.

Nouhaus is a tad limited compared to the standard massage chair, but its quality build and design more than makes up for it. While you can’t recline lower than 15-degrees, the rich leather upholstery feels soft and supple on your back. The steel framework and a five-point base give the chair a solid feel despite its lightweight nature.

I especially love that the Nouhaus is quite the conversation starter,so I plan to get another in a different color.


And there you have it, a total of 7 top-rated massage chairs for short people. It may seem like the odds are stacked against short people, but the truth is there are a variety of massage chairs on the market that are a perfect fit. Hopefully this guide helps you cut through the clutter and find the chair that best suits your needs as well as your budget.

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